Waiting for a cheap flight so that we could see the Cherry Blossoms in South Korea last April took us to Busan. Initially, we wanted to go to Seoul first but we found a cheaper flight to Busan.

Right after we took our bags to our hotel, we went out looking for something Korean to eat for dinner. It was chilly outside. Walking around the streets, we had our first encounter with what we came for – Cherry Blossoms.


Instead of dinning in one of the restaurants, we opted for Korean Street Food. We took the food by Haeundae Beach, probably the most famous beach in South Korea.


The night was perfect. There were people having picnics by the beach. They had placed mats on the sand while my friends and I sat on the concrete stairs facing the ocean.


The next day we went back to see Haeundae Beach again in broad daylight. It is a long stretch of white sand beach. Swimming wasn’t allowed at that time because it was too cold. I liked how it was perfectly located in the middle of the City.


After eating breakfast, we went to Haedong Yunggungsa Temple. Inside the taxi, we couldn’t help but notice the cherry blossoms by the roads. When we finally got to the temple, a line of beautiful blossoming cherry trees welcomed us. There is also a market right outside the entrance of the temple.


Haedong Yunggungsa is a beautiful temple on the edge of a cliff by the ocean. We took a bunch of photos, I guess it’s what travelers do. We had so much fun while appreciating another culture different from ours.


After a very satisfying day, we went back to our hotel to get ready for our next destination. It was a day well spent. Busan did not disappoint.

Travel Picks:


1. Street Food. Because they’re different than what we have here in the Philippines. And they’re good too.


2. Eat like the locals do. I meant picnic by the beach.


3. Take a photo by the famous beach. Haeundae Beach that is.


4. Cherry blossom hunting. If you come in Spring season.


5. Visit a temple. Particularly, Haedong Yunggungsa Temple. It is beautiful.